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Every village or township has specific requirements and processes for structure inspections and needs, whether residential or commercial. Our team has thorough knowledge of the needs of each government jurisdiction, and can work with local governments to ensure asbestos or environmental inspections meet their requirements, including acquiring permits or permissions, prior to the start of rehab or new construction projects.

Our residential services include:

  • Asbestos and Lead Inspection Services

  • Mold Remediation

  • Environmental Consulting

  • Environmental Site Assessments

  • Environmental Abatement Monitoring

  • Interior and Non-Structural Demolition


Mold Squad Environmental can address any insulation-related concern, commercial or residential.


Mold Squad Environmental offers nearly fifteen years of experience in commercial, mechanical and industrial insulation. We serve hospitals, schools, energy providers, retail structures, manufacturing plants and industrial facilities. Our capabilities include related services for all types of ductwork, industrial piping, HVAC and plumbing systems, refrigeration units, thermal units and pressure tanks.

When Mold Squad Environmental is contracted for your asbestos removal needs, we will be completely familiar with the job site and any insulation requirements. Should there be a need for re-insulation, the process can begin before the abatement project is finished.


Demolition services are often part of any sensitive environmental service project. Our team uses state-of-the-art demolition equipment to provide a wide range of related services including concrete cutting, crushing and separating, steel cutting and equipment dismantling.

  • Equipment Dismantlement

  • Interior and Non-Structural Demolition

Because you do not have to contract additional service providers, our complete demolition services provide added cost efficiencies to you,


Our primary safety goal is to reduce risks at the work site by creating the safest working environment possible. We ensure our workers are properly protected with the appropriate safety equipment. Mold Squad Environmental has yet to experience an on-site injury or OSHA recordable incident, allowing the company to feature an EMR (Experience Modification Rate) of 1.0 or lower.

Our Environmental Division is dedicated to complete project and material safety, including meeting or exceeding regulatory compliance. Health and safety training through formal industry training programs and on-site experience is mandatory. As part of our continued commitment, each project work site is analyzed for potential hazards before the work begins and monitored throughout the contracted assignment by our Professionals.

Our staff is trained in the latest industry laws and procedures, with employees in the field working closely with related local, state and federal agencies.



Asbestos Removal Services for Chicago Homeowners

Mold Squad Environmental is a licensed asbestos removal contractor with years of experience working in the Chicagoland area homes. When you work with our Professional Company, you can count on:

  • Friendly and responsive service from our scheduling staff

  • Clearly written, detailed proposals that are typically issued within 24 hours

  • Carefully executed, cost-effective asbestos remediation solutions

  • Dependable post-remediation follow-up, and quality assurance

  • Best Price Guarantee

Asbestos Abatement in Homes – What You Should Know

Mold Squad Environmental is one of the few Chicagoland area asbestos contractors that specialize in residential projects. That’s due to the special challenges associated with doing asbestos abatement in homes. As with all asbestos removal work, specialized cleaning equipment and confinement techniques are required. But in homes, additional precautions are necessary. For example, extra care must be taken to prevent damage to home finishes and furniture.

Asbestos Removal – How It Works

  • We apply for permit (if required).

  • Arrive at house.

  • Isolate work area from occupied living areas.

  • Workers enter area protected by suits and respirators.

  • Asbestos materials are safely removed from home.

  • Clean work area by wet wiping and HEPA vacuuming.

  • Pass an air clearance test to confirm sufficiency of work.

  • Provide you with a clearance report.

  • Dismantle containment.

  • Allow you to reoccupy house.

Asbestos Materials Found in Homes

Asbestos is a mineral mined from the earth and is a known carcinogen. Over the years, it has been used in over 2,000 products. Common asbestos materials in the home include:

  • Floor tile and the associated adhesive (mastic)

  • Pipe insulation

  • Attic and wall insulation, including vermiculite

  • Textured paint and drywall compounds

  • Roofing and siding shingles

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